The Amaranthine story begins with 7 elements of art - Line, Color, Shape, Form, Value, Space, and Texture. All seven slowly, gently and intentionally embedded in our design. We BELIEVE that each piece of jewelry and every line tells its story and it is up to you to FIND YOURS.

     Diversity of elements – hand-crafted silver, colorful silken and velvety threads, hand cut and faceted gemstones, different knots, clasps, and shapes - make each bracelet unique. No two are identical, just as no two persons are identical. Line, Color, Shape, Form, Value, Space and Texture play their unique and universal message - the beauty of life and unconditional love. The love that is infinite, powerful and gentle. The feeling that keeps the world spinning, that magical feeling of happiness and peace in the embrace of a loved one. Right in the middle is where you find Amaranthine.