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Story about Amaranthine

The beauty of life and unconditional love. Love that is endless, powerful and gentle. The emotions that keep the world spinning, the feeling of happiness and peace in the embrace of a loved one. That’s Amaranthine. The Word that appeared in the 1660s, handed down to us with the meaning of infinite, enduring, eternal, immortal - just like Love, the brightest of emotions. The Amaranthine brand was born in Croatia, a country of beautiful nature, countless islands, blue sea, enchanting forests, towering mountains, wild winds, and ingenious people, with its rich history and cultural heritage spanning centuries. The brand sign is a capital letter A wrote in Glagoljica (Glagolitic script), an ancient script the natives to this area started using in the ninth century. The first letter of Glagolitic script represents a sacred connection with the roots, the history and the heritage we draw the inspiration from for our jewelry. Connecting the ancient and the new under the perennial Sun, Moon, and Stars we create stories as diverse as life itself. Each piece of jewelry, each jewelry line has its own message. Find your own.
"Jewelry is like the perfect spice - it always complements what's already there." Diane von Furstenberg